Dilshan R Jayakody

Dilshan Jayakody

Welcome to my personal website. I live in Maharagama, Sri Lanka and doing coding and making things for fun. I use this site to publish a variety of miscellaneous stuff that I hope people find interesting or useful.

My main interests are electronics, embedded systems related software development, amateur radio, computer graphics, new media arts and also in astronomy. Most of the times I like to spend my leisure time in constructing electronic and mechanical devices.

Apart from my main interests, I spend my leisure time by watching classical movies (which are produced between 50’s and 90’s) and creating various types of replicas and models using Meccano / Erector sets.


Fact Sheet: Contain lists of my interested areas, experiences, hobbies, etc.
Online Profiles: List of sites which I maintain my online profiles.
Blog Space: This is a web log with with my projects and activities.


Open Source Software Projects: Details about my FOSS projects, utility applications and links to those applications / projects.
Electronic Projects: Contain collection of electronic projects which I was design and developed.


Notes: Collection of short notes (which are more into technical areas) and some announcements related to my posts, articles, etc.
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